Brass Cable Gripper For Cable Fixing for Ceiling and other Cable Fixtures

Brass Cable Gripper

Size: As Per Standard and Specification, We Accept Drawing
Material: Free Cutting Brass, C360, CDA360, We Accept Custom Grade
Application, Use: A Gripper is a sophisticated piece of hardware for Hanging, Gripping objects on Cable
Product Code: JIG-014
Brand: JAIN


Brass Cable Gripper :

Cable hangers, Cable grippers, Micro grippers, Power feed grippers, Mini grippers, Ceiling grippers, Grippers for cable safety locking nut, Tapper grippers, IPS grippers, 1/8 grippers, Full thread cable grippers, Bottom Exit Gripper, Cable Blocker, Side Cross Exit Grippers, Cable Glider, Cable Cc Couplers, Cable Cc Coupler, Side Cross Exit Gripper

Material :IS 319 Brass Free Cutting
As per BS-249 Free cutting Brass Material
High-Grade Free Cutting
Any Special Brass Material Composition on Request
Threads :ISO metric (MM Threads)
BA Threads
BSW Threads
UNC & UNF Threads
As per Customers Requirements
Length, Size, Platting :Natural, Nickel Plated, Silver Plated, Tin Plated
Any Kind of Brass Cable Gripper can be developed as per customers Specification